Monday, 23 November 2020

Surgery Diana

Last week Diana, the setter with the tumor, was operated. It wasn't easy and she lost a lot of blood, but now she is fine.

She is getting to know a total different life: freedom to walk around in the garden and a warm bed at night.

Being an older lady (probably about 13 years) we don't like to let her travel a long way for adoption. Instead we hope there is someone on Thassos who is willing to give her the loving home she so much deserves.

Diana is an easy going dog, clean in the house, and no trouble at all with other dogs or cats.

If you want to help this sweet girl, please contact us.

Diana before surgery

Diana after surgery

Diana enjoying a soft warm bed

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Help us through the winter

In a few weeks time we took in 4 dogs (Albert, Bevy, Carlos and Diana).

Both our enclosures are full and our wallet is empty.

After a year with not one single bazaar, hardly tourists to fill our donation boxes (normally good for € 3.500 income) and no more program from the municipality, we are struggling to pay all our bills.

We were lucky that Mrs. Helena Beels from Holland gave us some generous donations, but most of that was meant for necessary repairs.

And now these 4 need vaccinations, worm/flea treatment, castrations, microchips and surgery.

Not to mention that we need straw and food for the winter…

We are all suffering in this Covid-time, but if you can still miss a few euros we would be very grateful.

Thank you!

Bank account:

Piraeus Bank Limenaria - Thassos

GR06 0171 0620 0060 6213 6774 937 (BIC: PIRBGRAA).

The ascription is: DRASI GIA TA ZOA THASOU


Monday, 16 November 2020

New setter Diana

Today we took a dog from an old man in Kalivia. He had a setter for years on his little plot with chickens. Someone informed us that the dog has a big tumor.

Tanja went to talk with the man. His reaction was "well, the dog is getting old, what can I do?". Unfortunately many of his generation think like this, and we can only be glad that a lot of the younger generation starts to see it differently.

The man agreed to give us the dog and we convinced him that he has to pay a contribution towards the surgery, even if it is only a small amount.

The setter girl is now staying at Tanja's. She was checked by the vet and at the end of the week the tumor will be removed. The poor girl didn't know what to do with so much space around her, she spent whole day exploring the garden.

We called her Diana.

Thursday, 29 October 2020

Pointer found in our HalfWayHouse

When Sophia came on 25th of October to the HalfWayHouse she found this pointer in the outside fencing. Did he find a hole in the fencing and went in himself, or did someone dumped him over the fence???

He is very skinny and has an eye infection, but apart from that he seems healthy. He is still a youg boy.

Today he was transported to the small enclosure in Kalivia where he will stay until he has put on some weight, gets his vaccinations and will be castrated and tested on mediteranean diseases.

Saturday, 24 October 2020

Hunting dog found on the streets

This dog was spotted for weeks between Skala Marion and Limenaria. 

Finally we could take her in, because a man in Limenaria was so kind to feed her.

She was immediately checked by the vet, because she had an old big, deep wound on the inside of her back leg.

Now, after a few days of antibiotics and worm and flea treatment she is feeling much better and the wound already starts to close.

As many... she had no microchip. If anyone knows where she comes from, please let us know.