Monday, 26 November 2018

We need your help

We try not to beg for money but raise as much money as we can ourselves with events, plus the donations you kindly give us.

Recently 3 dogs were just dumped again in our HalfWayHouse. This means even more expenses (3x castration, 3x vaccinations, 3x worm and flea treatment, not to mention food), where we are already struggling with money.

This year we received almost 50% less donations than the year before and spent much more on food because we had more mouths to feed. Also we were facing more than € 1000 extra costs for expanding the enclosure, although the municipality promised to provide us the materials, which never happened.

For the first time in our history it looks like we will not have enough money to feed the dogs during the winter. Therefor we ask you to help us.

1351 persons have liked our Facebook page. If everyone would donate only € 1 it would pay for 4 months food!

Of course you can also order some of the beautiful cards Jackie makes, you support us and get something in return.

Bank account: Piraeus Bank Limenaria - Thassos
GR06 0171 0620 0060 6213 6774 937 (BIC: PIRBGRAA).
The ascription is: DRASI GIA TA ZOA THASOU


Monday, 24 September 2018

Get your unique (Christmas) cards now!

Did you know we sell beautiful cards, all made by Jackie?
They are made of different fabrics on good quality paper.

The cards with envelope cost € 3,00 each.
Postage: € 1,00 per card / 2 cards € 1,50 / 5 cards € 2,00 / 9 cards € 3,00.

You can order them by sending an email to Don't forget to mention your name, full address, number and kind of card(s).

Of course all profits go to the animals.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Yoshi RIP 24-7-2018

Today we had to say goodbye to Yoshi…

Yoshi who was found with a large tumor on his leg, that turned out to be malicious cancer. Vet Nikos thought he might have only 6 more months to live. We decided not to treat him with chemo or whatever and Joop and me took him in foster to keep an eye on him. And that was almost 4 years ago!

I am convinced that at the end he didn’t suffer of cancer (he never showed any sign of that anymore) but of old age. He was getting old and weak and we took the difficult decision to give him a worthy ending.

I am glad that he had so many happy years with us, still I am very sad to let him go.
Yoshi who was always quiet and gentle, who loved his little walks, who welcomed every new dog or puppy with a wagging tail, and most of all the best “kitten-sitter” on the island.
And that is how I will always remember him, Yoshi with a bunch of kittens all over him.


Friday, 13 July 2018

Sterilisation of the street cats on Thassos.

One of our most important jobs is sterilising the street cats on Thassos.
Since we are just a small group of volunteers it is impossible to do this all alone. Therefor we are very happy that more and more people on the island are helping us. They catch the cats, bring them to the vet, keep them overnight and release them again at the place they were found. If possible they even contribute some money towards the costs.

A good example is Marialina. She told us that a lady in Theologos is feeding street cats but  didn’t want to sterilise them. So the number of cats got more and more. Could ACT help? So we arranged that Marialina would catch the cats, we gave her 2 cat boxes and she started catching them. Later we talked again and she told us that she paid the vet herself for a couple of cats and also convinced some neighbours to pay some money as well. This meant that we only had to pay for half of the number of cats that were sterilised. A very good result and a good example of how working together really helps. And also more people learned about our work for the animals on the island.

Marialina is just an example, there are more people who are helping us like this and although we don’t mention all their names, we are each and every one very grateful for that!

Monday, 18 June 2018

Here you can find our donation boxes on Thassos!

Supermarket Charbi
Shell Tankstation

Supermarket Saltaris
Supermarket Kordelis
Potos Carrental
Hotel Agali
Hotel Garden
Patiras Deluxe B&B
Agro Traditional Products
Taverna Stelios
Photocreations Nikos Kaïdis
Recycle Shop
Speedy Rentacar
Vet Giannis Alachouzos
Garden centre
Bakery Oganezov
Moto Zagos

Hairdresser sti tricha
Hair spa Mary
Taverna Hakuna Matata
Supermarket Gagos
Souvenir shop Aldebaran

Shoe shop

Taverna Kostas

Smile supermarket
Bea leather
Shop So Greek