Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Annual General Meeting

On April 15th the members of ACT had the annual general meeting in Stelios' tavern in Limenaria. We would like to thank Stelios very much for his kind hospitality and the free use of his tavern.

The finances of 2017 were approved by the audit committee.
We would like to share the totals with you:

€   1.238,21  Balance 2016                                               
€ 12.865,10  Donations                                                 
€   1.585,42  Collecting boxes                                         
€   5.255,00  Adoption money                                           
€   3.918,55  Car boot sales/bazaars/selling goods/events 

€ 2.794,25  Tickets + transport dogs / boxes           
€ 5.290,00  Castrations/sterilisations                           
€ 6.771,13  Vaccinations/medical treatments/chip/pass 
€ 2.748,90  Dog/cat food etc.                                         
€    533,29  Costs sales/making products                   
€    596,42  Other costs                                           
€  2.640,00 Rent/caretaker                                         
€    187,00  Bank costs                                           

In 201 we managed to castrate a lot of cats again, again a few more than last year: 108!
Also 15 dogs were neutered and 27 dogs found a new home in Germany, England, Finland and on Thassos.

As always at this time of the year our finances are very low and we hope we can count on your support again this year so we can go on with our work.

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Easter bunnies? No, loads of puppies and other dogs

The year is just 3months old and we have already taken in 15 dogs!

It all started in January with 4 little puppies that a man found when they were just a week old. Unexperiensed as he was he did a great job raising them with the bottle, until he couldn’t have them anymore. Jackie was so kind to foster them. Unfortunately one of them died the next day, but all others are doing very fine. Two boys and a girl, Amos, Arthur and Arwen. They were born around 10 December.

Then in February a lady in Theologos asked for help. She took care of 2 puppies that she found. For one she found a home, but since the other one was growing older she couldn’t take care of it anymore.
Now Sibylle is fostering her and her name is Binja, she is now 6 months old.

A week later Petra found a hunting dog in the Astris area. Although we put her on Facebook, nobody reported her missing. She is a medium sized dog and very friendly, a typical family dog.
We think she is still very young and this week we had her sterilised.
We call her Camille and she is staying in our HalfWayHouse.

Half March we were contacted by the owner of Maliatos supermarket in Limenaria. He found a hunting dog running around. He asked some people but nobody knew her. Also our call on Facebook had no result.
Also this medium sized lady is quite young and very friendly.
Donna, as we named her, stays in the HalfWayHouse and is sterilised this week.

End of March a big black dog was found near Paradise Beach by Janna and Nikos. Animal lovers as they are they couldn’t have him, because they already took in so many dogs (not to mention the cats). They contacted us for help and offered to pay all the expenses for the dog. As expected nobody reported this gentle giant missing, so next week he will be castrated and then he can move to the HalfWayHouse.
We call him Emil and we think he is not even 2 years old.

A day later 7 young puppies were found in a cardboard box in the riverbed in Limenaria. They were only 7 weeks old. The girl Eva, who found them was so kind to foster them until we find them a home. She managed to home 2 of them and… wants to keep one of them herself. It is difficult to resist those little cuties. That still leaves us 4 puppies that need to be vaccinated and homed. Since they stay with Eva we haven’t named them yet, but their names should start with an F.

Today we took in 2 little puppies that were found last week on the road to the airport. We want to emphasize that it is NOT our policy to take dogs from the main land. However much we would like to help all animals, we also realise that that is just impossible. If you see an animal in need on the mainland we can provide you contact details of charities over there.
Of course we didn’t send these babies back and they are now in foster with Tanja and Joop.
We thank Chris and Martin for having them treated for parasites and their first vaccination. They named them Minnie and Max, but since we already had a Max, we will follow the alphabet and call them Gina and George. They are 7 weeks old and probably will be medium size.

As you understand this tsunami of dogs costs a lot of money: vaccinations, parasite treatments, microchips, sterilisations and not to mention food.
Also we need to enlarge our HalfWayHouse to make more separate enclosures because of the simple fact that, like humans, not all dogs match.

Please help us with a donation, small or big, to give all these dogs the care they need and deserve.
You can do so on our PayPal account: or on our bank account:
Piraeus Bank Limenaria - Thassos
GR06 0171 0620 0060 6213 6774 937 (BIC: PIRBGRAA).
The ascription is: DRASI GIA TA ZOA THASOU 


Thursday, 1 March 2018

Goodbye Nikos

It has been a few years since we met our vet Nikos Efthimiopoulos on Thassos, Limenaria. In the course of time he became not only our helper in need, but also a friend and member of ACT Animal Care Thassos. Castrations, vaccinations, operations, medication, home visits, good advice, reviews ... we do not even know what else we should enumerate to describe Nikos help. Nikos is a veterinarian in heart and soul and has helped many animals on Thassos. Moreover, he is a very friendly person. He has the heart in the right place.

Nikos goes with his family to Germany to start a new life there. For us this is a bitter loss, we are very sad, as always, when special people go.

But because we care so much for Nikos, we wish him and his family only the best, happiness and health. It is a courageous step, so brave that it can only go well, because courage is always rewarded.

Dear Nikos, we will miss you very much, even more the animals of Thassos will miss you. We thank you for the many hours that you have been there for us. Not only during office hours, but also around the clock. We thank you for your expertise. And we thank you for the way you helped the animals.

Good luck in your new life!

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Newsletter 6

December was a very busy month, as every month in 2017 was.

Therefor our newsletter is a bit delayed, but not less interesting.

Have fun reading the overview of our activities in 2017!

Click here to read the newsletter.

Saturday, 23 December 2017

It was a busy year

There is a turbulent year behind us in which a lot has happened.
The last months we were very busy with 9 puppies and their transport early December to their new families in Germany.
As a result, there was unfortunately no time for new messages on our website and the newsletter will also have to wait until January.

Nevertheless, we wish all members, volunteers, supporters, fans and ACT dog owners a Merry Christmas and a good and healthy 2018!