Wednesday, 18 September 2019


Like all charities we are struggling with money all the time. But at the same time we want to give our animals the best possible care. And that costs money, every month again.

With a sponsor for each animal under our care, we would be sure that the basic costs such as food, worm / flea treatment and vaccinations are covered.

You can sponsor food for € 10 - € 15 per month.
For € 15 - € 20 per month you sponsor food and worm / flea treatment.
For € 20 - € 25 per month you sponsor food, worm / flea treatment and vaccinations.

You are of course free to choose a higher amount. Or form a sponsorship with friends or family or collegues!Your money is always well spent, there are so many street animals that need care.

Below you see the pictures of some of the animals in our care. You can support them with a monthly donation on our PayPal account or bank account. Please pick the animal of your choice and send us an email ( with the name of the animal, the amount and the way of payment.

The animals won’t mind if they have more than one sponsor, they would be honored ;)

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Donation boxes

Here you can find our donation boxes on Thassos!

Supermarket Charbi
Shell Petrol station

Supermarket Proodos (Kordelis)
Potos Carrental
Hotel Agali
Agro Traditional Products
Taverna Stelios
Photocreations Nikos Kaïdis
Recycle Shop
Vet Giannis Alachouzos
Bakery Oganezov
Moto Zagos

Hair spa Mary
Taverna Hakuna Matata
Supermarket Gagos
Souvenir shop Aldebaran
Gate Art
Potos Carrental

Shoe shop
Maria Ritso Woodcraft Shop
Lena's Shop The Wooden

Taverna Kostas

Smile supermarket
Bea leather shop
Shop So Greek

Thursday, 23 May 2019

7 new puppies

Recently 7 puppies came into our care.

With no money (or even worse, outstanding bills) we are facing huge costs to give these little creatures what they need: 7x worm/flea treatment, 7x vaccinations, 7x microchips and not to mention the food.

The total costs will be about € 500!

So we started a fundraise.
Please help if you can. Donate, share the  Fundrazr post, share the pictures of the babies to find them a home. Every little bit helps.


Monday, 20 May 2019

Annual General Meeting

On April 16th the members of ACT had the annual general meeting in Taverna Triantamia in Kalivia. We would like to thank Sotiris very much for his kind hospitality and the free use of his tavern.

The finances of 2018 were approved by the audit committee.
We would like to share the totals with you:

€   3.301,29  Balance 2017                                               
€ 11.398,32  Donations                                               
€   2.033,15  Collecting boxes                                       
€   4.942,00  Adoption money                                           
€   2.071,80  Car boot sales/bazaars/selling goods/events

€   3.214,84  Tickets + transport dogs / boxes         
€   2.805,00  Castrations/sterilisations                         
€   4.763,57  Vaccinations/medical treatments/chip/pass
€   4.148,20  Dog/cat food etc.                                         
€        60,77  Costs sales/making products                 
€   1.946,10  Other costs                                         
€   3.135,00 Rent/caretaker                                         
€      228,00  Bank costs                                         

In 2018 we didn't manage to castrate as many cats as the last years, but still 60.
Also 8 dogs were neutered and  20 dogs found a new home.

As always at this time of the year our finances are very low and we hope we can count on your support again this year so we can go on with our work.

Thursday, 2 May 2019

End of an era...

It was not entirely unexpected, but it still came as a shock when Klaus and Claudia informed us that they really have to end our cooperation.
And they didn't decide that easily, but with pain in their hearts. For years they have mediated in finding a good home for the dogs of Thassos, but now it is coming to an end for health reasons.

Dear Klaus and Claudia, we thank you with all our heart for your tireless dedication, endless time, often also expences, and all the good care for the dogs of Thassos. Now it's time to think about yourself and your health and  enjoy the years ahead.

It is clear that this is a major loss for ACT. Actually most dogs found their way to a home via Klaus and Claudia.
So we are now eagerly looking for new opportunities for collaboration. So if you know an organisation or person who could help us with this, PLEASE PLEASE contact us. Without on-site help, it is much more difficult to provide the right (after) care and without homing dogs we will not be able to accommodate new dogs that need our help so badly.