Sunday, 2 August 2020

The last Y-puppies moved into their new homes

A week ago the last two Y-puppies, Yanka and Yvette, moved to their new homes!

We are very proud that, inspite of the Corona crisis, we managed to find them all seven loving families and transported five of them to Holland, two were homed on the island.

We thank Filio for driving with Tanja to Thessaloniki for the late flight, and of course Erna who escorted them on her flight!

Sunday, 19 July 2020

Vinnie had a shave – who saves Vinnie?

Vinnie is one of the 7 siblings found on the streets in May 2019. Sadly only 2 of them were so lucky to find a home…
It happens that these dogs are very intelligent, which can turn into a problem if they are held in a shelter for a long time. Dogs like this need challenges, playing, search games or agility. In a shelter they can get bored, start damaging fences, dig wholes or worse… get frustrated.

That’s why we ask you to SHARE this message wherever you can to find Vinnie and the other four finally a good home.

Oh, why was Vinnie shaved you wonder? Well he has quite a long fur that needs regularly and good brushing. But when we come to the shelter to feed, water and clean he is so exited that he can’t stand still for long, cuddles are much more important he thinks. So he got a bit matted and, more important, all the grasses were stuck in his fur which can cause huge problems.
But Vinnie is a good boy, who loves attention and has loads of love to give. On the table at the vet’s during his shave he stood still for an hour without any complaint. That is why we are sure that it will be no problem to brush him daily once he is in a family situation.

Can you help Vinnie???

Friday, 17 July 2020

Also Yogi is home

This week it was Yogi's turn to finally go home.
Also his human flew especially up and down to pick him up.

Thank you Marc and also for paying half of his ticket and the chocolates.
And of course we thank Jurgen who did the transport to Kavala airport.

Totally relaxed in his new home

Thursday, 9 July 2020

Yola and Yola finally arrived in their new homes

This week Yola and Yoyo finally left for their new homes in Holland.
Due to the Corona virus the families had to wait a very long time to see their babies for real. Well they are not exactly babies anymore ;)

We thank Agnese who flew to Greece to pick up her own dog and take another one as well, and of course Jürgen who brought them to the airport in Thessaloniki.

Later this month also Yogi, Yvette and Yanka will leave us.
We are very happy that all families were very understanding and waited patiently!

Saturday, 4 July 2020

New food storage

In the last Newsletter of the Dutch organisation Wereldasielen, our castration programm of September 2019 was mentioned.…/…/04/Wereldkrant_61-webversie.pdf

It draw the attention of one of the supporters of Wereldasielen, a sweet lady who has supported several projects already.
She contacted us in May and we had a long talk, which resulted in a very generous donation for food and castrations.

But it didn't end here. She wanted to help us with something structural. And since we have a mouse plague since a few weeks we decided to build a "mouse-safe" food storage.
Helena paid for the materials and work and on top gave an extra donation!

Thank you Helena we are so grateful for your on going support!! It makes a big difference in this difficult times.