Thursday 29 September 2022

Cat in terrible condition

(attention: shocking picture!)

Today we got a message from tourists in Hotel Miramare Skala Potamia about a cat in a terrible condition with flies all over it. Luckily we were available to respond immediately. From the picture they sent, it was clear that the cat needed urgently help. We asked the tourists if there was anyone around to bring the cat to vet Lovolina Stamatekou because by the time one of us would arrive the cat would unnecessary suffer longer.

The tourists, on their way to the beach, didn't hesitate for a moment and turned back to the hotel to catch the cat. Their own words were: "we can't enjoy the beach knowing this cat is suffering there".

Once at the vet, Lovolina ascertained that the cat was old and had multiple problems so it was better and more humane to euthanise it.

We apologise for the shocking picture, but what is really shocking is that many people must have walked past this cat without taking any action! We can simply not understand this...

Therefor we thank the tourists, Anna and her partner, for caring. It may be a sad ending but you saved the cat from hours or maybe days of suffering, being eaten alive by the flies until it would finally die.

Sunday 25 September 2022

Baby kitten

Tourists from Moldavia found a babykitten in Limenaria. They took care of it and bottle fed it until they had to go home and then asked for our help. Although we are all full with kittens and injured or sick  cats we still tried to find a solution which we found in Sibylle. As we all know she has a big heart for the animals and she took the little one in her care.

The tourist brought the kitten to her and left some money for food.

We thank Alexander and family for caring and donating!

Wednesday 21 September 2022


In early September, setter Glen was rushed to the vet because he had a red and swollen penis. There it turned out that flies had laid eggs and the maggots were now feeding on his meat (beware of flies people)!

All maggots and affected flesh were removed under anesthesia and the wound was thoroughly cleaned. The next day he was able to return to the shelter with the necessary medicines.

A week later he was suddenly not well, he just layed and did not want to eat. His gums looked pale. Back to the vet as soon as possible. The wound on the penis looked good, so it couldn't be that. Blood tests and a quadruple test for Mediterranean diseases were performed. Except for a slightly lowered hematocrit, nothing obvious emerged.

Tanja took him home so that he would be supervised and there he actually ate something. The next day (Thursday) he started vomiting violently several times and stopped eating.

Additional tests were done for blood levels of liver and kidneys. That too was all normal. To keep his fluids up, he went to Giannis on a drip in the evening and was given medicine to keep his stomach calm. Nothing helped, he continued to vomit every now and then and Sunday morning he clearly started to be in pain. Giannis came to give him a painkiller and in the afternoon Tanja drove him to vet Lovolina in Potamia for an x-ray in the hope that something would become clear. Lovolina suspected something on or around the spleen (enlarged? tumor?) but couldn't determine what without ultrasound. Once home, Glen could only sleep with fatigue, but by midnight he began to moan and scream in pain. Giannis came again with a stronger painkiller.

On Monday, both vets had contact with vet Kiki Tsakou in Xanthi. Glen could be better helped in the more extensive clinic there. He was able to come that same day and Jürgen delivered him there late in the afternoon. After various examinations, he was operated on that same evening and it turned out that a piece of rope or yarn was wrapped around his intestines, causing them to be pinched. A piece was removed and he came out of surgery well. He has to stay for a few more days, but now he is eating normally again.

It looks like things are going to end well for Glen.

In this hectic week, many people have committed themselves to Glen, to whom we would like to thank: 

Karem, who picked him up twice at the shelter and brought him to Giannis

Giannis, who even came to give painkillers at midnight

Lovolina, who made time for X-rays on Sunday afternoon

Tanja, who took him home and brought him to Potamia twice

Jürgen, who was immediately ready to take him to Xanthi without hesitation.

The operation and all additional costs will of course create a considerable hole in our budget, but there was no time to set up a fundraising first.

We hope you can help us with a small donation. If even half of our followers donated € 5 each, the costs would probably be covered.

You can donate with PayPal:

or to our bank account:

Piraeus Bank Limenas - Thassos

GR06 0171 0620 0060 6213 6774 937 (BIC: PIRBGRAA).

The ascription is: DRASI GIA TA ZOA THASOU

Glen before the operation

Glen at the vet's clinic

Tuesday 6 September 2022

Kitten saved by young boys

One evening, a few days ago, some boys from the village came to Tanja's house. They had found a little kitten on the street. It had been crying for 2 hours and no sign of the mothercat. They told that they had asked several people to take the kitten, but with no result. Someone suggested to ask kyria Tanja...

The truth is that Tanja could not take any more cats, but what do you do when children that at least care about an animal and try to save it, are standing on your doorstep??? They are the future, they need to learn and understand that it is good to help the animals in need! So she decided to invest in the future and took the little one in. Fortunately it was healthy and already able to eat by itself.

If you can help us with a small donation towards flea/worm treatment, food and future castration it would be very much appreciated. 

Here you can find how:

Tuesday 16 August 2022

Another injured cat

Saturday we got a message from tourists about an injured kitten on a small beach towards Trypiti. Later the cat disappeared. Sunday other tourists sent a message about the same cat. Luckily Tanja could go there straight away to take the cat. It was clear that it had broken front legs, it was dehydrated and very skinny but still alive.

Today we took the kitten to the vet. It had both front legs broken on multiple places and the vet thinks it is like that for weeks because one part was already growing (the wrong way) together. One leg could have been saved, if it didn't have a severe deep infection from dragging. 

We would have loved to save an animal with such a strong will to live and with 3 legs a cat can live without any problem, but the risk that the other leg had to be amputated as well was too big. So to prevend her from more suffering we decided to put her to sleep. 

We thank both tourists for caring, thanks to them at least her last days were in peace with water, food and a quiet place to sleep.